Escarpins & Sandales

Elevate your style with Maje Paris pumps and sandals, the perfect companions for any outfit. These essential, trendy, and elegantly feminine footwear pieces are a wardrobe staple for every woman.

Our pumps and sandals have been meticulously designed to encompass a wide spectrum of styles. Whether you prefer a high heel that adds a touch of sophistication, a comfortable wedge heel, or the timeless simplicity of a flat sole, Maje Paris offers a diverse collection of pumps and sandals each season. We play with a myriad of materials and colors to ensure that you find the perfect pair to express your unique style.

For pumps, choose between classic black leather for timeless elegance or opt for more fashion-forward colored leather, all available with pointed or rounded toes. Sandals come in various models, including heelless, small-heeled, high-heeled, and wedge-heeled options. Depending on your personal preferences and style, you can select from an array of leather sandals, both open and closed, and explore a spectrum of captivating colors.

Our collection caters to a variety of styles, ensuring that you'll find the pair of shoes that suits you best. Whether you're strolling through the city streets during a weekend getaway, attending an afterwork event, or preparing for a special date night, choose the pair of women's shoes that makes you feel extraordinary and confident.

Discover Maje Paris pumps and sandals today and step into a world where every step you take is a stylish statement. Find the perfect pair that resonates with your style, and experience the power of exceptional footwear for every occasion. Whether you prefer women's sneakers, women's boots or loafers and mules, you will find the pair that you need to style your outfit with elegance.