Green Dresses

Emerald, sage, dark green, forest green, army green… Elegant and original all at once, the color of hope and nature also knows how to make a fashion statement. Whether it’s a prom dress, a comfy short dress, or a sophisticated evening gown, green dresses are always eye-catching.

Green Dresses for Any Occasion

The color green lends itself to refined ensembles, but the shade truly is everything. From pastels to the most vibrant hues, maxi dresses , mini dresses , and all kinds of party dresses will look radically different depending on your choice of green. Emerald or forest green dresses add a sophisticated touch to silk or satin evening dresses. Delicate pastel shades, on the other hand, lend a hint of freshness to your outfit.

Green Dresses by Maje

Maje’s range of beautiful green dresses includes various iterations of floral dresses , satin dresses , beautiful viscose and silk dresses with graphic cut-outs, lurex dresses with flattering ruffles, and more. At Maje, we believe our dresses should be green in every way. That’s why our collection features traceable products and dresses made of recyclable or certified materials that are kinder to the planet.

How to Style a Green Dress?

Pairing your green dress with complementary colors is the best way to make it stand out and create a harmonious ensemble. With dark green and floral dresses , you could choose bold blue accessories or try bronze or gold accents. With lighter shades, white is the perfect companion. Unexpectedly, the olive green and burgundy color combo also works very well. Match your shoes with the cut of your dress for an impeccable look. With a short green dress, wear camel mid-calf boots. For an edgy take on the outfit, you can swap these out for combat boots. Heeled boots, ballet flats, or sneakers will work wonders to elevate longer dresses.

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